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Everything here was created by my hand and head, besides that which wasn't of course; and if it wasn't it is clearly labeled.


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    I made a photo-specific tumblr separate from this one a little bit back, resurrected it a few days ago. So, for my photos head over there for now.


    Tillfällig Livstid

    This Thursday, September 26th 2013, is the opening of the Tillfällig Livstid exhibition over at Galleri Momangen on Kocksgatan 23 here in Stockholm. On Thursday the opening hours are 18-21 and on the 27th and 28th 12-18…

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    (via 591PhotographyBlog: Photographer of the Week: Rickard Falk)

    I’m the featured photographer of the week over at 591. Check it out!


    The last time I developed my own film, Bill Clinton was president.  I have to say I was a bit nervous when I shut off the lights and tried to get the film on the stainless steel reels after being out of practice for so long.  This was one of the last photos I snapped off before developing 8 rolls last Friday night with Ilford Ilfosol-3.  What kind of developer do you all use to process your Kodak Tri-X?  Please let me know if there’s something better.  When I was in school I used Kodak D-76 because it was cheap, but now I kind of like the liquid mix.  I think it’s a little easier to mix.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Nice man.. good to see you developing again :)

    I also used to use D76 back when so when I started back up again in Jan. I got X-Tol. Similar to D76, powder, easy to mix, slightly tighter results imo (but then again it was along time since I used D76). After I went through that I thought I’d give HC-110 a shot. I’ve only developed 2 rolls in it so far, but I’m liking it. Easy to mix up the syrup for a one-shot and you got a bunch of different dilutions you can use depending on what your after. Dil B (1:31) if your in a hurry, or H (1:63) if you don’t wanna be changing fluids in 90mph :), for instance. Very easy to use and looks good. I won’t give a final verdict over X-Tol until I’ve put some more rolls through tho.

    (via The 3 Week Photo Project – 1:3 | magOwl)

    Another roll through the Felica (check here for more about the project and the Felica) to start off the last week of the first three week period (I’ll probably squeeze in another roll before weeks end tho)…

    More on my homepage.

    a bunch of oldies..!

    (via The 3 Week Photo Project – 1:2/3 | magOwl)

    Time for some more Felica photos. I took it out the other day during some really crappy weather and tried to take some decent pics, I think I got a couple, nothing really special tho.

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